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Parents of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis Share Their Loss at the United Nations

Sitting in meetings in the United Nation’s ornate Wilson Palace by the shores of Lake Geneva in the shadow of the Alps seems an odd place to discuss racial discrimination in the United States.

But the problems of racial discrimination quickly hit home at an event earlier this week that hosted the parents of Travon Martin and Jordan Davis, two unarmed young black men killed by armed white men claiming to be acting in self-defense. Made all the more powerful as it came on the heels of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., their affecting and often harrowing testimony immediately erased the distance between Switzerland and the United States. It made the discrimination present and underscored the importance of the work being done here at the U.N.’s review of the U.S. record of racial discrimination.

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YASSS!!! The world needs call the US out on its shit!!!

Yes! I agree, the US should be called out and shown a spot light on for what it’s done.

Otherworldly Experiences In Upstate NY’s Happy Valley, Parish, NY

This past month I moved from Queens, NYC back to Anchorage, Alaska. My friend, (we’ll call her Eliza) picked me up from the city and we drove all the way to her house in Bernhards Bay, NY. I spent about a week and a half at her place before coming home. During the duration of my stay, we visited my old college town of Oswego, NY off the shores of Lake Ontario. A friend of mine who owns a coffee shop in that town told me about his strange experience traveling out to this 5000 acre land reserve called Happy Valley, which is located in Parish, NY about 18 miles from Oswego. My friend had seen these other dimensional type alien figures; nothing happened that scared him.

Happy Valley is known for all sorts of strange activity ranging from ghost sightings, strong vibrations of sickness and sadness, as well as alien sightings.

There used to be a town in the 1880s that was home to several hundred people. At sometime during that time period Black Water Fever hit the area and wiped out the majority of the town. Those that survived left as quickly as they could. All that remained was a cemetery and a school house. I hear the school was burned down sometime ago and all that remains presently is the cemetery.

Eliza & I, being the curious and open people we are decided to head down there to see if we could capture any types of orbs or ghost activity on camera.

We started driving the 18 miles passed Parish. We came up to a sign called Easy Street that—let me tell you—was any thing but ‘easy.’ We took Easy Street and came up to a road that had a sign on it that said “Happy Valley Wildlife Preserve.” It was a narrow dirt road. We started to drive in thinking we would be able to make it to the cemetery area. At the time we didn’t know it was over 5000 acres wide. We didn’t even make it 40 feet.

Eliza was starting to feel this heaviness on her chest, while I started to get this really bad intuitive gut feeling in my stomach/solar plexus area. The trees themselves seemed to be closing in on us as the road got narrower and narrower. The trees and the road becoming this ominous force. Clairvoyantly, I began to see what I can only describe as ‘poop water’ in my minds eye.

Needless to say: We had to get the hell out of there. We had to back up the whole 40 feet or so because there was literally no place to turn around.

As soon as we got out of there we headed down that ironic road called ‘Easy Street,’ only to be pulled over by a state trooper. The reason he had pulled us over is because Eliza made a really wide turn. He asked us what we were doing out around the Happy Valley area so late.

"Officer, you’re going to find this a bit strange," Eliza started to say. "We came out to Happy Valley because we thought we would get a few photographs of ghosts out here."

The cop was silent for several seconds. “…Yeah…you don’t want to be around the Happy Valley area…especially at night. This is a 5000 acre area and you can get lost very easily for days at a time.”

He sent us on our way and we both burst out laughing because we pictures this state trooper having coffee and donuts with his buddies saying “Hey you guys…you’re never going to believe who I stopped tonight and why!”

We got home after 45 mins of driving back to her place. Both of us still feeling this lingering eerie vibe we felt at the entrance of Happy Valley.

I had bought Eliza this huge bundle of sage last Christmas, having recently purchased her house.

As soon as we got back to her place we had to sage the entire house and ourselves because whatever was in the entrance of Happy Valley followed us back home. I even saw a Native American woman in the window of her house out of the corner of my eye. The feelings ranged from a deep sadness, sickness, and a feeling of death in the air. Needless to say, we lit that mother up and started waving it around the house.

After about 45 mins of saging and blessing her home we felt just fine; the eerie feeling gone. Lesson learned. 

Never go into an area like Happy Valley without asking the universe to protect you and saying at least some sort of prayer to protect your energy. You never know what’s going to latch on and follow one back home.

Either way, I’m glad I had this experience because it definitely learned to tread carefully when it comes to ghost hunting.

Beating Him At His Own Game; Chapter 4; A Child’s Play Fan Fic

Chapter 4 is up!


Black stilettos step foot onto a nicely polished beige tile floor. 

“Glen, honey! I’m home,” calls Tiffany.

She shuts the front door behind her with a click.

“The lady at the post office gave me hell again…”

Tiffany looks around. It’s unusually quiet.


Tiffany heads towards the kitchen, her mink

She pours herself a glass of wine then heads towards the backyard.

Something doesn’t feel right.

Once outside, she freezes dead in her tracks, takes off her fancy cat eye sunglasses very slowly.

She drops her glass of red wine. It falls in slow motion, shattering to pieces on the pavement; the red color of the wine running down the patio, like blood leaving a body.

…She can’t even breathe.


Everything goes black.

In the dark oblivion of nothingness a faint scream of bloody murder is heard. The scream belongs to Tiffany.

The scene slowly begins to fade in; revealing itself:


…His human form is face down, floating in a swimming pool.

Everything is in slow motion.

Flashes of cameras and policeman walking around blanket the crime scene.

A female police officer has her hand on Tiffany’s back, she’s sitting with her head in both hands overcome with grief.  

A teenage, human Glenda stands with her arms crossed, staring indifferently at the lifeless body of her brother whom is now being zipped up in a black body bag.

She watches as they take him out of the backyard, towards the front.

Glenda heads upstairs towards her room.

She opens the door to reveal a wall blanketed in dolls. She scans the dolls and finds one of her dolls on its side, covering part of a gap.


Glenda’s pink, sharp heels touch the hard, cold tile floor with a click.




The heels stop and face the wall.

“Which one of my dolls is unaccounted for….” Glenda walked up to the empty space.

“Looks like we got ourselves a runaway….” she smirked evilly.


Glen opens his eyes and takes a deep breath. “And that’s pretty much everything up until now…”

Everyone is silent for a few seconds.

Nica blinks several times.

Andy in particular looks as if he’s processing what he just heard.

Karen puts her hand over her heart. “Oh my God, you poor thing…” she says empathetically.

“Wow…” Andy nodded his head in understanding, addressing Glen. “You obviously haven’t had it easy…”

Jade turned to Jesse. “Why didn’t we do anything?”

“I—“ Jesse starts to answer. “What does that have to do with anything??”

“No, seriously, Jade starts again. “He was obviously born only minutes after we left that cemetery…”

“It’s done, you guys. Can we please focus on the situation at hand?” Mike interrupted, annoyed. “Like…I don’t know…figure out how we’re going to stop Chucky?”

“Wait…” Jack said. “How do we know this little guy isn’t just leading his pop right to us?”

“Well, the kids obviously not a killer and just gave us a shit ton of information.” Kyle interjected.

“Kyle’s right.” Andy added. “The more we know, the better our chances at maneuvering around and surviving.

Nica thought for a second before speaking. “Glen, you said you had a twin sister, right?”

“Yes…” Glen gulped. “Glenda.”

“And she’s still… ‘human?’”

“She was when I left.” Glen shrugged. “It’s been a couple of weeks. Why?”

“Would you say she’s less or more dangerous than your parents?”

Mike half chuckled, as if that question even needed to be asked. Nica put her hand up, ignoring Mike.

“I need to know.”

This question worried Glen because he knew the truth was much more sinister, and the fear was showing on his face.

“It’s OK,” Karen encouraged. “You can tell us.”

There was a long pause.

“It’s really really bad…” Glen shook his head.


Glen’s starts to speak, as he flashes back to two weeks previous. The flashback is in black and white.



I was sitting by the poolside, crying. It was a few hours after my dad had killed the love of my life, Aubrey. I was devastated, as you can imagine….

Glen has his head buried in his knees, sobbing lightly. Tiffany has her hand on Glen’s back. “There there…It’s alright, sweetface….”

My mum had just finished comforting me after a huge fight I had with dad.

Chucky is seen arguing with Glen, as his boyfriend lay lifeless on the floor. Glen is shouting at him in tears.

Mum packaged dad up in a box to send him off to take care of some business he had.

Chucky is seen getting into a box holding his trademark knife; Tiffany closing it shut and taking it somewhere.

I went into Glenda’s room after mum left and grabbed my old body…. The one you see now.

Glen is hugging his doll body, sobbing into it by the poolside. Glenda storms out.

That’s when she came out….

“Give it back, Glen!” shrieks Glenda.

“How can you be so cruel…” Glen glares at Glenda.

“Hey, you’re the one who gave it to me. You told me that you never wanted to look ‘our’ shared body in the face again!”

Glen turned around, back turned to Glenda. “That was before I lost Aubrey…”

“Give it back!!!” Glenda grabs onto the’ Glen(da)’ dolls arm.

“No!” Glen pulls it back.

“Fine!” Glenda backs away. “You can have it.”

…But not before grabbing a concrete garden gnome off the porch.

“Just remember, Glenny. You asked for this.” Glenda smashes Glen over the head with the concrete garden gnome statue.

Everything goes quiet. Glen falls into the pool unconscious, a bit of blood flows out into the pool water.

“Ade Due Damballa, Give me the power, I beg of you!” Glenda starts to say the version of the chant once spoken by Chucky to transfer Tiffany into her doll body. “Awake!” she finishes.

The Glen doll opens its eyes.

“Not so fast!” Glenda takes the gnome statue and hits the Glen doll over the head.

Doll Glen falls unconscious….

Last thing I remember….

Glen wakes up, tied up on Glenda’s doll shelf, his vision blurred at first.

“Nooo….pleaaaaase…” a tiny voice whispers in pain.

“Hold STILL!” Glenda struggles to hold a needle and keep what looks like…one of her dolls still…?

Is waking up in Glenda’s room…

Glen looks through two of the dolls that are placed to the side of him. Glenda is in fact drugging one of her ‘dolls’, which appears to be alive. She takes the needle and jabs it into the doll in front of her.

He looks at himself, his plastic hands, short legs. He’s back in his old body….His eyes well up with tears. He takes a moment to take it all in. How did he let Glenda overpower him this way?

All of a sudden, Glen started to feel parts of the doll shelf vibrate. He looks above him. Some of the dolls are rocking side to side, others are looking over at Glenda purely petrified, but unable to move at all.

“My god….” Glen whispered to himself, just as petrified if not more so…

“SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!!!!” Glenda screams at her doll shelf.

She rolls the needle onto her desk and storms out of the room.

Glen had been wiggling his way out of the badly tied ropes. He jumps off the shelf and grabs the needle quickly.



Glen holds the needle in his hand for everyone to see.

“Oh my god…” Nica puts her hand on her mouth. She almost can’t move.

“Better give that to me.” Preston takes out a handkerchief. Glen hands Preston the needle. He wraps up the needle, with a bit of serum still inside, in the handkerchief and places it inside his coat.

“If what you say is true…and it is disturbing…” Preston began. “The affects you’re describing…”

“Sounds like tetrodotoxin.” Jack finished.

“Tetrodotoxin?” Nica asked.

“Yeah, it’s a poison found in pufferfish.” Jack replied. “Mike and I knew of a guy in Chicago that manufactured the stuff and sold it on the black market to people who wanted to torture their victims”

“Oh right. I remember that.” Mike recalled. “We busted him a while back. ”

“How would Glenda have gotten a hold of that though? You can’t get it without a permit and medical license” Kyle asked. 

“She had a dealer,” replied Glen. “A friend of hers from school who works at a hospital nearby. I know him…he deals to a lot of my classmates…”

“Well, we have plenty of evidence to put your sister away for a very long time.” Preston told Glen.

“Finally.” Mike rolled his eyes.

Karen gawks at Mike as if to say ‘Really, Mike?’

“What? Do you have any idea how much trouble the precinct went through to get something on this girl? Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. The kid got away with a lot that any regular person would have gotten away with. Her mother ended up buying the force off. ”

“That’s if she’s not a doll already.” Andy added

“Andy’s right.” Glen started pacing back and forth. “She’s unpredictable…In fact, my mom and her are probably looking for me right now.”

“They’ll have to find you first.” Kyle winked.


Glenda sat on the couch, rolling her eyes. “Quit pouting, mummy…Glen’s alive.”

Tiffany, who had been sobbing for nearly half the afternoon, stopped and sniffled. “What?!” she shrieked.

“I turned him into a doll again…He fell into the pool, mummy. I couldn’t save him. I tried, so I did the only thing I could.”

Tiffany stood up and walked over to Glenda. She slapped her very hard across the face. “And you’re just now telling me?!”

The slap didn’t affect Glenda. “The police just left. I couldn’t say anything in front of them,” Glenda batted her faux blue doe eyes at her mother. “Besides, I had to wait until you were calm.”

“Ugh…Where’s your brother?!” Tiffany asked in an almost deadly deadly calm voice..

“I really don’t know. He ran off….” Glenda said in a sweet-like tone.

Tiffany held her head in her hands. “Oh my god…this isn’t happening…”

Tiffany started walking away. “Call your father. Right now.”

Glenda took out her cell phone and pressed a button. The screen read: Calling Datty…

Glenda??” Chucky’s voice could be heard very faintly on the other end.

Hello, Datty?” Glenda spoke into the phone, an evil smile spread across her face. “Yes, Mummy wants you to come home. We have some bad news….”

“…..What?” Chucky’s voice sounded deadly.

Tiffany snatched the phone away from Glenda. “Chucky, you better find your way home and fast! It’s Glen.”

Two weeks later….

“They’ll have to find you first…” Kyle’s voice played on a laptop computer that Chucky, Tiffany, and Glenda were standing over.

“The idiot actually had his cell phone on him.” Glenda laughed.

“How did you get it to record the conversation?” Tiffany asked Glenda.

“There’s an app for that! It’s called—“ Glenda started to say.

“Shut up!” Chucky interjected. “I think I know where their location is…but we have to act fast…these assholes think they have the upper hand. Not by a long shot. No way! Tiff! Get my box!”

“Get it yourself, you asshole…” Tiffany walked away.

“I know what I’m taking!” Glenda grabbed a doll out from behind the couch. It was a doll version of her self; identical down to the frizzy red hair. She also grabbed the Tiffany doll off the shelf.

“No, we’re not taking her.” Tiffany grabbed it back.

Glenda snatched it back. “We might need it.”

Chucky smirked. “Yes…I agree.”

“Fine,” Tiffany hissed. “But I do not want her damaged.”

Chucky looked at Glenda and Tiffany, and then at their doll selves.

“This might just be my biggest job yet.” Chucky laughed maniacally.

Beating Him At His Own Game; Chapter 3; A Child’s Play Fan Fic

Enjoy chapter three!


Everyone went silent for almost a full minute as they stared at Glen—who was in fact a doll—in disbelief.

“Oh my God!” Kyle exclaimed.

Everyone turned towards Kyle in unison.

“Kid, do you remember me?”

“What??” Andy asked confused.

“No, I know him!” Kyle exclaimed in excitement.

Glen smiled warmly at Kyle. “Of course I remember you.”

“You have a name now.” Kyle walked up to Glen and gave him a hug.

Glen hugged her back.

“Whoa, whoa whoa!” Andy blinked a few times out of surprise. “You know him??!”

“I met him ten years ago. My pal, Daphne and I were vacationing in Europe and we went to this venue where this freak was using him as his own personal puppet. That bastard named him ‘shit face.’”

Glen shook his head in shame.

Kyle turned towards Glen and smiled, kneeling down to his level. “You ran, didn’t you? Just like I told you to.”

Glen nodded gracefully. “I did.”

Kyle patted him on the shoulder and winked. “Good.” She headed back towards her seat, but not before addressing Preston. “It’s your fault he ended up with that creep. I hope you never forget that this is all on you.”

“I know it is.” Preston nodded his head; a look of guilt on his face. “It’s one of my biggest regrets.”

“You’re that kid with that crazy sister, aren’t you?” Mike asked Glen.

Glen sighed.

“What?!” Karen exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you know—-“

“Yes.” Mike sighed and nodded in realization. “I recognize the voice. He was human and his crazy sister caused such a shit storm in the precinct. ”

Andy got up out of his chair and headed for the door. “I—I need to get some air.”

“I think we could all use a break.” Preston stood up. “Glen, why don’t you go talk to Kyle. I need to step out for a bit.”

Glen nodded and headed towards Kyle.

Nica stared over at Glen. She blinked a few times.

Glen could feel this. He looked over.

“Hey.” Nica called over to Glen.

Glen hesitantly walked up to Nica.

“Hi…” Glen said shamefully. He could barely look her in the eye.

Nica could see Glen was a little scared to talk to her.

“It’s Glen, right?”


“You alright?” asked Nica.

Glen wasn’t sure if that was out of obligation or genuine.

“Nica, I wanted to apologize for everything my father’s done to your family.” Glen’s eyes welled with tears. “I had no idea how many lives he’s truly destroyed and if I could give my life to bring back yours I would.”

Nica was silent for a second.  A little bit of a smile broke out on her face. “Thank you.” She appreciated the thought and felt it was sincere. She rested her head in the palm of one of her hands. “That means a lot to me.”

Glen smiled back.

“You seem like a good kid. And I mean this when I say that you are not your father. You don’t have anything to be sorry about. We’ve all been through a lot.” Nica winked at Glen.

Glen nodded. “My condolences nonetheless.” He headed towards Kyle.

Outside the room, Andy poured himself a cup of water from the water cooler. He took a sip and sat down.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know.” Preston sat beside Andy.

“A lot?” Andy scoffed.

There was a pause.

“I just can’t believe how out of hand this is getting,” stated Andy.

“Well, you’re not the only person who’s been affected.”

“I know.” Andy stared at the floor. “I often wonder what life would be like had I not wanted that stupid Good Guy doll…” Andy was silent for a few second. “My mom would have never—-“

“Hey!” Dane sternly grabbed Andy’s arm. “Don’t you dare blame yourself. You were six years old. This was out of your hands.”

“Was it…?” Andy said in a resentful tone.

“Lets put it this way: If he hadn’t targeted you, he would have still killed and targeted others.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“The point I’m making is you’re working with the cards your dealt here right now. And as far as I can tell you’ve done a pretty good job of it.”

“Oh yeah? Then how is it that we didn’t figure this out a long time ago? We should have all met years ago. Nica’s entire family was killed!”

Preston let out a sigh.

“Too many people are dead, Dane. If we don’t stop this now it’s never going to stop.”


“I want to know why you didn’t mention this before now. You have five seconds to explain yourself,” an impatient Karen folded her arms. They were outside of the police station.

“OK, I should have told you, but I didn’t think those were his kids—

“My sons life as well as many others are on the line here! Or have you forgotten that you had a hand in ruining part of Andy’s childhood?” Karen stated coldly.

Mike paused. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“….Ouch!” Mike exclaimed sarcastically.

“You should have stood by me in court, Mike!”

“Oh excuse me…! Maybe it was because I was too busy making it so you and your son could have a normal life! I told you not to tell the court anything because they wouldn’t believe you. They never do! Look what Nica was put through.”

“That poor girl stuck to her story.” Karen paced around quickly. “If I had known about what happened sooner I would have flown to Rhode Island and stood right beside her. Andy would have done the same.”

Mike chuckled nervously. “Karen…Let me explain something to you…”

Karen rolled her eyes.

“There is a system in place here. A system that will make your life a living hell if you don’t know how to work around it, dear.”

“You’ve told me this before—

“And I’m telling you again because you still don’t get it, Karen.” Mike tried saying it as gently as possible. “The structure of this system is designed to keep the general public from knowing certain things exist. Practices like voodoo. Believe me, there is plenty of evidence that proves Charles Lee Ray is in that doll. I have DNA samples I’ve been saving for the right moment…But that moment isn’t now. We need to build something that todays technology with social media and other ways of showing the world he’s alive will allow us to present the truth.”

Karen thought about this for a second and nodded her head. “Alright….I see your point.”

“Believe me, the people in positions higher than me have connections to secret societies and groups that are in power that practice magic, voodoo, and all sorts of crap.”

“And they don’t want that known in fear of losing secrets of how they keep their power.”

“Exactly,” Mike sighed in relief.

Karen smiled dryly. “I understand, and I love you, Mike. …But I’m still standing by my son. Someone has to make noise. You can’t get any results or help by sitting in silence.”

Karen heads back inside.

Jack walks up to Mike, who is watching Karen walk back inside. He puts a hand on Mike’s shoulder.

“Well, Mikey…you tried.”

“Maybe not…”

“You know, I’ll never understand your taste in women. You like ‘em real stubborn,” Jack winked.

“You calling me a masochist?

“I might be—just a tad.” Jack laughed.

Mike chuckled. “Good. Cause Karen’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“How long have you been a married masochist now?”

Mike thought for a second. “Going on 17 years? Sound about right?”

“Must hurt so good.” Jack and Mike headed back inside.


Andy sat down beside Nica and Ronny.

“You look defeated.” Nica observed.

Andy smirked. “Story of my life…”

Andy turned around. He made eye contact with Glen. Glen quickly turned towards Kyle. Andy took a deep breath. 

“I think we can trust him,” Nica said calmly.

“Hmmmm….” Andy turns back around to look at Glen. He observed Glen’s body language. Nothing menacing about the dollish kid…though as Andy was well aware of: Looks can be deceiving.

“I just talked to him.” Nica stated.

“I think he can help us.” Ronny said optimistically.

“I don’t know….” Andy replied skeptically.

“I agree with Ronny.” Nica looked over Glen’s way and observed his body language. He was talking to Kyle and his head was down most of the time. “Something happened to him before he found us….”

“How can you tell?” asked Ronny.

“I took a psych class in reading body language back in college. I guess we won’t know for sure until we hear his story. But I definitely feel there’s one. ”


Glen turned back to Kyle.

“You OK, kid?” Kyle asked gently.

Glen looked out the window at the bright daylight outside.

“Not really, no….” Glen replied.

“You’re welcome to stay with me—only if you want to.” Kyle smiled warmly at Glen, who smiled back.

Everyone piled back into the room. Once everyone was settled, Andy stood up. He took a deep breath. “So Glen.”


“What’s your story?”

In unison: All eyes turned to Glen.

He braced himself, not knowing how he would be received. Glen inhaled and slowly started to speak. A small voice that he hoped would bring a flicker of hope to these people.

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